In the heart of Florence, Italy, and Europe, ideal for bringing together entities that share perspectives of excellence for their mission.
Embracing the contemporary spirit, our space boasts state-of-the-art technology, has undergone a complete renovation, and offers seven meeting and conference rooms, along with exhibition and reception areas.

Palazzo Coppini is conceived as a “unitary product” structured on the ground floor with three functional rooms equipped with cutting-edge technical solutions, a spacious foyer, and a charming Renaissance courtyard. On the first floor, there are additional spaces with diverse architectural features and dimensions, along with a comfortable covered terrace. In addition to housing the collections owned by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, these rooms serve as exhibition spaces for hosting events, conferences, and as sets for film and photo shoots.

Its central location in relation to Florence and Italy makes it a strategic venue for national connections, especially considering the proximity to Florence SMN station. The global image of Florence and Italy, the architectural style, and the elegance of the interiors make it the ideal venue for those looking to strengthen their image in the eyes of their audience. This image is further enhanced by the fact that the structure also functions as a museum open to the public, hosting numerous cultural exhibits.

Furthermore, the services associated with renting the venue offer two significant advantages: the international network of the LBT Movement, which will undoubtedly prove useful in both commercial promotion and establishing collaborations and partnerships, and the technological solutions that make the palace modern and suitable for hosting hybrid events, i.e., events with simultaneous in-person and online participation.

The spaces:

  • “San Domenico in San Gimignano” (già Sala Bohumil Fanta)
  • “Ambassadors in the World” (già Sala Mihály Zádor)
  • “Best Diploma” (già Sala Arimitsu Tsuji)
  • “Domes in the World” (già Sala Aleksej Komech)
  • “Costume Colloquium” (già Sala Arest Beglaryan)
  • “Bel Canto – Masterclass” (già Sala Alexandr Rovenko)
  • “Be Part of History” (già Sala Aleksej Shkaev)
  • “Degree & Profession”
  • Renaissance courtyard “Saperi e Sapori in Cattedra” (già Corte rinascimentale Ekaterina Genieva)